Local Pension Board

The function of the Suffolk Pension Board is to assist Suffolk County Council as administering authority of the Suffolk Pension Fund in ensuring the effective and efficient governance and administration of the Suffolk Pension Fund in line with legislative requirements.

The Suffolk Pension Board consists of six members, three Pension Fund employer representatives (one each representing the County Council, other local government employers and other employers) and three Pension Fund member representatives (one each representing current active members, retired members and trade unions).

The current board members are:

Cllr Richard Smith (Chairman)

Suffolk County Council Councillor
Representing Suffolk County Council

David Rowe (Vice-Chairman)

Employed by Ipswich Borough Council
Representing active scheme members

Homira Javadi

Employed by Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils
Representing other local government

Eric Prince

Representing retired members

Suzanne Williams

Employed by Ipswich Borough Council
Representing the unions

Marie McCleary

Employed by Havebury Housing
Representing all other employers

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